Chemical products for metals for the treatment of metallic surfaces

Bama uses various metal chemicals for surface treatment. Each process needs to be carried out with certain substances, which ensure the best results in a short time.

Own production and disposal

Many of the metal and metal alloy chemicals used by Bama are home-made.

Thanks to our own research laboratory, we develop formulations capable of performing degreasing, decontamination, pickling, passivation, electropolishing and derouging treatments.




The degreasing process is preliminary to all other stages of metal finishing. The main substance used, which is called degreaser, is of fundamental importance.

Pickling agent

A pickling agent is a substance that is used during the pickling process, the purpose of which is to remove residual oxides from the surface of an object.


For passivation treatments in stainless steel, aluminium, carbon steel, copper, nickel, zirconium and titanium, Bama uses a substance called passivating, which differs according to the material being treated.


An electrolyte is a substance sensitive to electrical current and capable of releasing ions in solution, making it a good conductor of electricity.


A deoxidant is a substance that has a special deep cleaning action, specific for residual oxides.

The chemical products for metals and metal alloys developed are the result of a long work of experimentation in the field, in fact they are tested and used in our production departments and are born thanks to the specific needs of our customers.

The chemical formulations produced directly by our specialized staff and through dedicated plants, in addition to being used for treatment on behalf of third parties in our production facilities, are marketed to its customers for internal production needs.

In addition, our staff is responsible for carrying out adequate training on the use of these substances, so as to proceed with knowledge and safety, achieving maximum results.