Clean area, designed to protect against dust and other contaminants, for work in a clean environment

The clean area of Bama is a space specially designed to contain dust and other contaminants outside, so you can work in a more suitable environment for critical components.

When cleaning and decontaminating metals, in fact, it is necessary to have a space in which to carry out tests and other types of checks on the solutions used.

clean area

The development comes from here

Bama uses this space for the treatment of particular products for oxygen, nuclear and for those extreme cleaning treatments that require an environment free of harmful contaminants or large amounts of dust and airborne particles. In this area, for example, the following products have been treated for a traditional nuclear power station and for the new "ITER" project (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor).

The operating concept of the clean area of Bama is based on a system of filters, which purify the outside air. A series of fans then introduce this air into the room, from top to bottom or with a circular system.

The same air is then sucked in by side escape routes that re-circulate it outside.

It is precisely these activities of analysis of new technologies and exploration and experimentation of the current ones that constitute the beating heart of Bama's research and development activities.

A dedicated team of professionals takes care of the maintenance and presides over the clean area, respecting all the safety standards imposed by the relevant regulations through a strict set of procedures drawn up by our technical departments in accordance with international specifications or in accordance with particular customer needs.

Thanks to the computerization of the structures, the use of advanced technologies, a very high organization and the presence of dedicated structures, it is possible to use the clean area at its maximum capacity.