Degreaser, a substance preliminary to all stages of metal finishing used in the degreasing process

The degreasing process is preliminary to all other stages of metal finishing. The main substance used, which is called degreaser, is of fundamental importance.

The success of this phase depends very much on the type of degreaser chosen, which must adapt as best as possible to the treated material and must be able to completely remove any type of oily residue.

Safe and certified products

Degreasing, in fact, is the very first phase of metal finishing, when the product arrives "raw" and passes through a series of processing steps. Without careful cleaning, all the molecules of grease will prevent the passivation or electro-polishing treatments from adhering, thus affecting their protective action.

A good chemical degreasing product is therefore able to dissolve all the particles deposited during the passage through the machines or the use of tools that are not perfectly clean.


The function of the degreaser

Bama has created a new generation of degreaser, the Bama Fosfiron, in its research laboratory. This liquid product is particularly suitable for carbon steel, and has a dual action: on the one hand it removes slight oxidations, salts and grease residues; on the other hand it already provides a first passive protection film, which will then be perfected during the passivation process.

Bama Pulismart is also a very modern degreaser designed and used by Bama. Specifically designed to treat stainless steel, Bama Pulismart has a cleaning action that removes impurities and greasiness from this metal.

The degreasing treatment is carried out by immersion or with the spray technique. In both cases the substances used are alkaline or acid based.

These solutions have the power to attack lipid molecules by dissolving or removing them from the surface of the metal. The result is an object completely cleaned and free from all impurities, ready to go through all the other stages of processing and finishing.