Pickling, a substance used during the pickling process in order to remove residual oxides

A pickling agent is a substance that is used during the pickling process, which aims to remove residual oxides from the surface of a metal object (carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium and other alloys).

Oxides can be a consequence of previous processing steps of the object, during which the passage through machines or the use of somehow minimally contaminated tools can release particles that will affect the material, making it vulnerable to the corrosion process.

Pickling attempts to avoid this by immersion in a tank containing pickling agent or by spraying. In both cases, the pickling solution is a mixture of water and acids or alkalis.

Safe and certified products

Bama, in full compliance with the relevant regulations, uses safe and certified products. In addition, it has developed a line of products with pickling action that it uses during its processing and trades for third parties, in order to minimize the environmental impact of its own processing and that of others.

Bama Gelsteel Strong, for example, is particularly suitable for stainless steels, including austenitic, martensitic and austeno-ferritic steels.

For all these alloys there are specific formulations and times. Bama provides technical specifications and instructions for each type of alloy at its technical offices.


The function of the pickling agent

Bama Geltitan Strong is a specific pickling agent for titanium alloys. Even this material, in fact, needs pickling treatment because, although it is one of the most corrosion-resistant materials, it needs to be brought to the surface level to its original state.

Finally, for carbon steel, which is the most vulnerable to the risk of corrosion, Bama Carbogel Quick has a specific pickling action for ferrous alloys.

Thanks to it it is possible to remove all the residues, including salts and oxides, resulting from the processing. Bama Carbogel Quick is also an excellent pickling product for the elimination of welding oxides.