For years Bama has offered a service of plant design from A to Z for external companies

Professionalism is the experience of Bama, therefore, is not only demonstrated every day within its production site, but is also found in the quality of work for third parties.

Bama's plant design includes the drawing, design, construction, transport and installation of pickling, passivation and electropolishing plants and tanks.

We will be close to you from the idea to the commissioning of the system.

progettazione impianti

Our skills for you

Our team of experts will be able to assess your needs and propose the best solution for the design of your plants.

There are a number of limitations that need to be taken into account when designing plants.

Space, for example, can be a limiting factor if you want to work with large objects that require equally large tanks.

Bama's expertise in system design will be able to deal with this and other issues.

Our work is not limited to simple design: we will in fact provide you with all the chemical products necessary for the work, products of our creation that fully reflect our quality system.

We will organize a special training course for the use of these products, at the end of which you will be awarded by a certificate of qualification to use.

In addition, our customer care will be at your disposal to give you technical support for the proper use of machinery.

Thanks to our plant design service it will be easier for your company to have all the tools and knowledge necessary for your work.

If you want to know in detail this and other services offered by Bama contact us to arrange an appointment and consider together what we can do for you and your company.