Deoxidant, a substance that has a special deep cleaning action, specific for residual oxides

A deoxidant is a substance that has a special deep cleaning action, specific for the oxides residues present on the surface and that could compromise the passive state of the alloy.

During the pickling and passivation processes, this chemical product is used to decontaminate the object being processed, selectively removing the contaminants present on the surface.

Safe and certified products

Carbon steel, nickel, copper, zinc, titanium and even stainless steel can be attacked by these molecules during the production process.

The use of machinery that operates on different materials leads to the release of residues that are deposited on objects that pass through it, in which case it is necessary to use a flux.

Even hand tools, if used indiscriminately for carbon steel and stainless steel, can bring the same problems. Sometimes, even when using specific machines and tools, even the simple proximity of different metals can lead to contamination due to the particles present in the air.


The function of the deoxidant

Finally, the flux is essential whenever a welding operation has been carried out during processing, which inevitably releases residues of oxide type.

The flux is involved in all these cases thanks to its solvent and purifying action. Bama has designed special detergents that have a deoxidizing action, and uses them regularly during its processing.

Bama Pulismart is one of these products. Designed specifically for stainless steel, this solution has a strong cleansing and degreasing action. In addition to eliminating oily molecules during the degreasing process, therefore, it also removes slight oxidations.

Bama Fosfiron is a product with a degreasing, decontaminating and passivating action. This solution, developed by Bama, is particularly aimed at carbon steel, a metal known to be more vulnerable to corrosion than stainless steel.

In this case, it is even more important to apply a flux before proceeding with the subsequent processing phases, since processes such as passivation and electropolishing would cover the surface, accentuating the defect both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Bama Ecodec is a deoxidation product without harmful chemical agents, used mainly on stainless steel alloys where there are slight ferrous contaminations.