Passivation in the pharmaceutical industry with Bama Technologies equipment

BAMA has been active in the pharmaceutical sector since 1997.

Today it is the national leader in passivation and chemical treatment in general on plants for pharmaceutical industries.

Passivation, electropolishing and derouging and sanitation in the pharmaceutical or medical field are of great importance to restore and improve the chemical-physical characteristics of stainless steel and high nickel content alloys.

Passivation after the installation of piping lines or other products is important, because during the treatment organic and inorganic contaminants are removed from the inside of the piping.

Manufacturers and installers use sanitary pipes and perform automatic welding using orbital welders, but this is not enough to guarantee that the passive layer on the internal surfaces cannot be corrupted, especially when manual welding is carried out on site.

It is very important that the passive layer is chemically restored on surfaces in contact with water and pure steam, as these elements can be very aggressive on stainless steel surfaces with the risk of real corrosion.

Prevention and technology

The preventive degreasing that is carried out makes it possible to remove any traces of an organic nature brought into the pipes or appliances such as tanks, autoclaves or steam generators during the construction or assembly phases. Furthermore, the preliminary degreasing phases allow to remove small particles that may have remained inside the products.

BAMA develops specific technical procedures always in accordance with international standards or in agreement with the customer for special needs.

Thanks to its equipment, BAMA is completely independent in the treatment of piping lines for purified water (purify water), water for injection (water filled injection), pure steam (pure steam), we are also able to treat heat exchangers, autoclaves, osmosis plants, storage tanks and reactors both at our headquarters or at the customer site.


All points of use in pharmaceutical passivation are continuously drained during the treatment phases to prevent metal or other particles from creeping between the pneumatic valve membranes.

In addition to chemical and electrochemical treatments on new plants, BAMA has specialized over time for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on existing systems.

BAMA also thanks to its specialized technicians can perform video endoscopies and other surface tests and issue final control certificates to validate the success of the chemical treatment.

BAMA has its own equipment such as certified hoses, pumps, fittings, valves and portable osmosis water generators so as to be completely independent.

Through its teams specializing in pharmaceutical passivation BAMA can move to Europe and many parts of the world.