BAMA FOSFIRON is a liquid product that has a DEGREASER, DECONTING and PASSIVING action on the CARBON STEEL.


The product is characterized by a double cleaning and passivating action that guarantees both to eliminate slight oxidations, salts and residues of grease, and to passivate the metal surface, making it more resistant to corrosion.

Mode of use

BAMA FOSFIRON can be applied: by spray on the metal surface using a cloth soaked on the area to be treated by immersion of the product in the solution. The product can be used at different concentrations, using water as diluent.

The concentration to be used depends on the degreasing and decontaminating power required to clean the metal surface.

The reaction times of the product range from a few seconds to a few minutes and depend on the type of carbon steel, the operating temperature and the extent of contamination.



BAMA FOSFIRON is available for sale in 5kg tanks (sales code: FI5) 10kg (sales code: FI10), 25kg (sales code: FI25).

Safety and security

When applying the product, acid-resistant eyewear, gloves and overalls must be worn.

For further information on the hazard classification of the product, please refer to the relevant safety data sheet.


BAMA FOSFIRON must be stored in a place protected from high temperatures and direct sunlight.

The product must be stored in canisters specially supplied by BAMA and labelled in accordance with EEC regulations.


Washdowns must be sent to a suitable wastewater treatment plant or recovered by specialised companies.